Presečki pumpkin oil


Croatia’s favourable geographic location and conducive climate have enabled it to produce quite a few world-renowned products. Istria is best known for its olive oil, whereas the continental part of the country can showcase its fabulous pumpkin oils.

The Presečki family, that has been in the pumpkin processing business since 1980, is one of more successful entrepreneurs who have managed to place its products in a great deal of Croatian restaurants and Austria as well. But that’s hardly the beginning of this family’s business path. They hail from Hrvatsko Zagorje and were widely known for large-scale vegetable farming, but growing vegetables in large plots of land has become a far cry from being a lucrative business with the arrival of supermarket chains.

In 2007 they opened a state-of-the-art oil mill to produce pumpkin oil. The mill complies with all HACCP standards ranging from a modern sowing machine, a pumpkin seed harvester and up to a waste storage tank as required by EU standards. The Presečki family farms 100 hectares of agricultural land. Due to crop rotation, pumpkins are grown on a third of the land, corn is grown on another third, while wheat covers the remaining farmland.

They have all the necessary machinery for processing pumpkin seeds (harvesting, washing and drying of seeds) in order to get the end product - pumpkin oil.

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Contact number 042/741-036


Working hours: With prior announcement.

Region Central Croatia

Address Varaždinska 6; 42 205 Vidovec


Product offered by oil mill Presečki:
•Pumpkin oil 1 l, 0.50 l, 0.25 l