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Graševina, the crowning glory of Perak winery, is most definitely the most common white grape in Croatia, grown on 70% of plantations, with vineyards in the heart of Slavonia on one of the finest locations. Located in the wine hills of Kutjevo, on the southern slopes of Krndija, between Kutjevo and Vetovo, the vineyards stretch across the best vine growing locations of the Kutjevo hills, from Mitrovac, through Lukač to Vetovo, between 220 and 300 metres above sea level, which is a great prerequisite for making excellent wines.

The icy grape harvest is the crowning event for every winemaker. A great deal of attention is paid to picking grapes that are frozen. Imagine vineyards covered in white snow and shriveled berries, barely peaking through, that can hardly wait to be picked and processed. After picking the icy berries, the long, subtle process begins in the cellar. This makes people call the icy wine liquid gold, and its price tag says the same. The predicate wines are most often packed in small bottles of about 0.375 L.

The colour of the predicate wine is usually hay yellow and aging gives it a golden, then amber colour. These wines are very thick and syrupy. They are full of flavours of tropical fruit, from pineapple and apricot to vanilla and fig.

Hence, the proudest moment for Ivica Perak was definitely when Ledena berba graševina (icy harvest Graševina) wine was declared champion at Vino Kap (Wine Drop) competition in 2017, along with a title for best new wine for Gewürztraminer. Perak winery also got the silver from Decanter for the Ledeno Graševina wine in 2012. If you wish to enjoy some predicate wines, the Perak winery's Ledena berba will surely delight your palate.

Perak winery has also garnered many more awards, like the one for the 2013 Mitrovac Graševina, or the 2015 top-quality Graševina, at Vino Kap competition. At Orahovica Wine Fair, their 2015 top-quality Graševina and 2015 Sauvignon Blanc were declared champions. Perak also won a gold medal for the 2015 Merlot.

Ivica Perak also devoted himself to grapes such as Riesling, Chardonnay, Gewürztraminer, Sauvignon Blanc, and red grapes such as Zweigelt, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, and he announces very high standards of production, which comes as a great joy, because he has certainly been brilliant with Graševina and Gewürztraminer.

His plans also extend to a realization of a new wine cellar, which should be sufficient to expand the production to 500 000 bottles.

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Region Slavonia

Address Tomislava Tomića 41 34340 Kutjevo


A recognizable symbol of a grape, consisting of six equal circles, represents Perak winery, whose owner, enologist Ivica Perak, has decided to build his own winery in 2012, on the grounds of his extensive knowledge, gathered while working in the biggest Croatian winery Kutjevo d.d. He hereby joined the ranks of young, new winemakers, which is a paradox in itself, considering his 26 years of work and gaining knowledge with the best of them.