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A pig's hoof protruding from a suit sleeve and holding a glass of wine additionally highlights the wine position of Radosh where the grape from which Mladen Papak fills his bottles comes from: this is how the winemaker has made a joke with the meaning of his surname while emphasising the exceptional quality of the vineyards from a position that can match the already renowned positions of Principovac and Vukovo in any aspects.

The flagship of the winery, Graševina, which can be found in the market in two Classical lines justifies its name – it is about highly potable and light wine with mild acids to which it owes its freshness. Classical Graševina with low alcohols that perfectly pairs with the Slavonian domestic, heavy food. The top line of Radosh Graševina is produced from grapes of later harvest. Complex and potable, with a full body and pleasant bitterness with citrus aromas and notes of ripe fruit, it is ideal to be served with carp on prong and other river fish.

Autumn days without too much rain are the ideal climatic conditions for the Rhine Riesling that can thus calmly ripen on the vine without any risk of botrytis. Rhine Riesling Radosh is a sheer semi-dry sensation on the palate while sugars dull the acids, and high acids reduce sweetness! Pretty hot fish stew best accompanies this creamy, neither sweet nor sour wine, and it is worth being sipped with goat cheese.

In addition to the Rhine Riesling, Traminac is also a variety that thrives on the slopes of Fruška gora overlooking the Danube. Radosh Traminac likes being let to age because only then its features come to the fore: elegant and gentle, with a fragrance reminiscent of meadow honey and blooming roses, it is sweet in the mouth, and yet dry. For enjoyment at the end of a meal or with light salads served with roquefort cheese.

Red blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc is balanced, very smooth and fragrant wine with low tannins and acids. Wine for every day, just like Blanc de Blancs sparkling wine produced by the classical method, of course from Chardonnay.

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Region Slavonia

Address Radoš 51, 32236 Ilok


Longtime chief enologist of Ilok’s cellars, Mladen Papak chose 2014, the toughest year for vinegrowers, to start working in his own winery in easternmost Croatia, in the middle of vineyards in one of the best positions of Srijem vineyards near Ilok – on Radoško brdo. On 13 hectares of his own vineyards on the sunny slopes of Fruška Gora, at about two hundred meters above the sea level, the Papak family mostly grows Graševina and Traminac, along with Rhine Riesling and Chardonnay of white, and Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc of red varieties.