Continental Croatia has a favourable geographic position, climate changes and fertile ground which makes it a perfectly suitable region for the cultivation of various crops. The sometimes forgotten continental soil produces fruits made into an oil with extraordinary antioxidant activity, called pumpkin oil.

PA VITA Ltd is a company operating since 2004, which cultivates crops on an area of about 495 acres. Since 2010, they have enlisted the pumpkin sort Gleisdorfer into their crop rotation, planted on an area surface of 74 acres. In 2014, they have opened a service oil mill plant and drying chambers in Dugo Selo.

The daily capacity of seeds processed into oil is about 200 kilograms. The process of oil production begins when well-dried pumpkin seeds, cleaned from all foreign materials, are put into the mill where they are ground into a mass. The mass is then placed in a conditioner (stirrer) where it shapes into a dough by adding hot water and 2% salt and mixing it with blades of the stirrer which are constantly working the mass. When the desired consistency is obtained in the stirrer, the prepared dough is poured into boilers, preheated to a temperature of 110°C, where the mass boils until it starts to look like oil and until the desired scent and colour are achieved. The obtained hot mass is transferred into hydraulic presses where it gets pressed into oil. After the cold pressing and the cooling, the oil is put in stainless steel barrels where it precipitates and the pressed dry mass serves to make the so-called oilcakes which are sold in bulk or further processed into pumpkin flour. Mainly they produce hot-pressed oil.

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Contact number 091/5176-637


Working hours: With prior announcement

Region City of Zagreb

Address Kašinska 64, 10360 Sesvete; Uljara –Štefanovićeva 24, 10 370 Dugo Selo



- Pumpkin oil, 1 L, 0.5 L or 0.25 L

- Pumpkin flour 1 kg, 0.5 kg

- Pumpkin seeds 100 g

- Pumpkin oilcake 25 kg

In 2016, they won a bronze medal at a contest for the best unrefined pumpkin oil of northwestern Croatia, with oils from the counties of Krapina-Zagorje, Varaždin, Međimurje and Zagreb.