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It is widely known that Istria is not only the largest Croatian peninsula, but also a part of Croatia for which we can say that God has given them not only a perfect geographical position and a natural and cultural-historical beauty, but also a grateful and fertile land, valuable and diligent people and a wonderful arable culture, which are appreciated throughout the world.

The Negri family is another successful family who moved to this region from the faraway Italian city of Bergamo way back in the 16th century. This family greatly influenced the history of Istria and area of Labin and it is their coat of arms that is found in several places in the town of Labin. This coat of arms, made up of several elements, the Venetian lion, a hunting dog and a hawk as the protector of the family, which is found on the top of an olive tree in the centre of the coat of arms, speaks of the many centuries of the tradition of olive oil production.
The 1990s began with the realisation of the project of the revitalisation of the buildings and individual activities which the Negri family dealt with, and which consisted of several parts and phases of the realisation: the Negri estate – accommodation, the Negri palace – an art and gastro-gallery, olive groves and olive oil production. Their olives grow on the east coast of the Istrian peninsula, in the municipality of Raša. They are processed by a cold process and upon filling they have a high degree of natural antioxidants which assures a medicinal effect. They produce 4,000 litres of extra virgin olive oil each year from the Leccino, Pendolino, Buža and Istrian Bjelica varieties.

In this beautiful location you will certainly enjoy the countryside and learn about the olives themselves, the varieties and all the work connected to the processing of olives which you can also taste in their gastro-gallery in Labin. This kind of art gallery combines special events, arts and history and can accommodate up to 50 people.

The olive oil is a wonderful green colour, has a uniform bitterness and spiciness, with aromas of bitter almond and thyme plus a distinctive taste and smell of the olive fruit, apples and grass.

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The first member of the Negri family, banker and businessman Antonio Negri, settled in Labin in 1512 and since the time of settling the Negri family has enjoyed the privileges and favour of the Venetian podestas.

In fact the coat of arms of the Negri family speaks of the centuries-old tradition of olive oil processing. It is made up several elements: the Venetian lion, a hunting dog and a hawk as the protector of the family, which is found on the top of an olive tree in the centre of the coat of arms.

In the production cycle, which starts in the olive groves, nothing is left to chance, and any problems are tried to be resolved with the available technology such as their system for the monitoring and the control of pests and a system for irrigation and alike.
The selected varieties provide an oil of a magnificent green colour, a uniform bitterness and spiciness with a taste of bitter almond and thyme and a distinctive smell and taste of the olive fruit, apples and grass. Up to 4,000 litres of extra virgin olive oil of the varieties Leccino, Pendolino, Buža, Istrian Bjelica are produced per year, and with a price that is in the higher range.

It is this refined smell and taste that are the best base for Mediterranean cooking, and this is confirmed by both the top prizes and acknowledgements at exhibitions such as the presentations: Olea Olive Producers Association of Istrian County, Noćnjak in the central event of olive oil of Croatia, AIPO – Italy, Zadar, Vodnjan, Krasica and the expert magazines; Maslina, Akademija Vina etc., as well as many years of being listed in the Flos Olei guide of the best quality extra virgin olive oil in the world where our oil is amongst the six best rated olive oils from Croatia. We are winners of the prize of UHPA (Association of Croatian Travel Agencies) for the best tasting room of 2015.