White, rosé, red and black sparkling wine, totally dry, dry or sweeter, from indigenous Istrian sorts or the most globally recognised. Ten of them and all come from the Misal winery in Pršurići near Višnjan, which was established by Dr. Đordano Peršurić, the long-time director of the Institute for Agriculture and Tourism in Poreč, today successfully lead by his daughters Ana and Katarina.

Much more important than the number of sparkling wines is the fact that they are all very good, produced by the classic Champagne method of secondary fermentation in the bottle. Some, like Misal Blanc de Blancs Extra Brut (from Chardonnay) and Misal Prestige Extra Brut from Chardonnay, Malvasia and Pinot Noir, are without doubt amongst the best in Croatia. It is not less important to say that the production of natural sparkling wines in Misal lasts at least two and half years because the quality of these wines develops with long lasting maturation.

They began in 1990 with a hundred or so bottles, and today they fill around 40,000 a year. They are the only winery specialised in the production of sparkling wine in Croatia, however also there you can taste a dry still Malvasia wine and a dessert wine of Muscat.

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Contact number 052/431 586

Web www.misal.hr

E-mail katarina@misal.hr

Working hours: Announcement by agreement.

Region Istria

Address Pršurići 5a; 52463 Višnjan, Istra


Following the centuries-old viticulture and winemaking family tradition, in the 1990s we began with the production of natural sparkling wines in modest conditions in the village of Pršurići, not far from Poreč.

With a lot of love and desire for success, with the collected skills and necessary conditions, production at the beginning was modest. It consisted of all of a hundred bottles of just one type of sparkling wine. After years of creating the recognisable name of Misal, today we can proudly say that we are one of the largest producers of natural sparkling wines in Croatia.

Annual production has increased several times, so now we produce and fill about 40,000 bottles of sparkling wine each year. Endeavouring to satisfy various tastes and wishes, we have enriched our range of products with as many as eight different natural sparkling wines. The range consists of: Misal Blanc de Blancs, Misal Prestige, Misal Blanc de Noirs, Misal Millennium, Misal Istra, Misal Noir, Misal Rose and Misal Rouge.