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Tradition, favourable natural predisposition, knowledge and a passion for making top-quality products have spurred the Meneghetti creative team to have a go at oil production in addition to winemaking. Their oil has become an integral part of exquisite specialties.

Their olive groves abound in the following olive types: rosulja, bjelica, leccino and buza.
Istarska bjelica is a native Istrian olive type which has a lush golden-yellow colour, a beautiful scent of freshly cut grass and an aroma somewhere between olive fruit, almonds, wild asparagus and red chicory.

Leccino oil is one the world’s most widespread oils which has perfectly adapted to Istria’s climate. This oil has a dark green colour with a full, mildly bitter and piquant taste.
Rosulja (rošinjola domaća) is an indigenous type which has been recognised as a fantastic oil fruit in southern Istria. It possesses an intense scent with notes of a medium ripe tomato, artichoke, lettuce and dried fruits.

Extra virgin olive oil is made from buza, an olive type native to Istria. The oil is clear with an intense golden-yellow colour and green glow. It possesses a balance of bitterness and piquancy and a long-lasting scent and aroma.

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In the 2007 edition of L’extravergine, the world’s leading olive oil guide, extra virgin olive oil was proclaimed the world’s best oil in one of the most competitive categories, olive oil with and “intense fruity” aroma.