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Istrian vintner Marijan Arman very often points out that he and his family are engaged in the best art in the world – wine, and that the secret of the success of his wines may be hidden in the centennial vineyards planted back in the past by his great-grandfather.
At the time of the Wine Spring (Vinsko proljeće) in the mid 1990s, Marijan Arman engaged seriously in the viticulture and wine production, and the results were already visible in 1999 when he became the champion at Vinistra with Malvasia, and only a year later at Vinovita in Zagreb, this wine was proclaimed the best white wine in Croatia. Since then, Arman’s wines have regularly won awards, just as they have at this year’s 11th World of Malvasia – a kind of world championship for this autochthonous and most famous Istrian variety – held within the 2019 Vinistra Festival where his two Malvasias were proclaimed the best among all graded wines in the categories of aged or fresh Malvasia.
Thus 2018 Malvazija Istarska Gcru continued its winning spree and was awarded the Golden Medal: with pronounced varietal characteristics (which in recent years disappeared in other Malvasias), with the feeling of peach and pear on the nose, and the taste that lasts longer that expected, it proves that even fresh Malvasias can be serious wines.
Malvasia of the 2015 Istrian reserve, sur-lie aged in barrique barrels for four years, won the Grand Gold Medal. This Malvasia has a heavier body, but due to its perfect balance and its complexity, it is an ideal partner to the domestic Istrian fuži (a kind of Istrian pasta) with truffles.
An adventurer by nature, Marijan Arman also planted Sauvignon Blanc and from a true continental variety he produced excellent wine that the choosy (and jealous to Sauvignon) Austrians graded as one of the best imported Sauvignons on their market. Gentle and fine, with a velvet structure and heavy body, it is best to pair with noble cheese, shellfish and fish dishes.
Chardonnay Zlatna vala should be also recommended, and we should not miss the Teran reserve and the semisweet Muscat, which has found its place in the Paris Wine Museum.

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Region Istria

Address Narduči 3, 52447 Vižinada


At about 10 ha covered by the family vineyards in the vicinity of Vižinada, Marijan Arman and his family use the advantages of the exceptional terroir in the best way, and in their basement in the picturesque small place of Narduči they produce between 80,000 and 100,000 bottles, depending on the harvest. The location of the vineyards on the hills that gently glide into the valley of the Mirna River where breeze blows almost always, protecting the vines from various infections and diseases, is rightly characterised as grand cru.
Particularly prominent are the award-winning Istrian Malvasias, from the one usually fresh to the specifically sur-lie settled and aged, along with Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc and Muskat, whereas the red unavoidable wines include Teran, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. They also have sparkling wines Stanzia Brut of Malvasia in their offer.