Krauthaker viticulture and winemaking


As many as 38 sorts of grapevines grow in the vineyards of the man of Kutjevo, Vlado Krauthaker, one of the most significant of Croatian vintners and, probably, the greatest experimenter amongst his colleagues.

He alone filled a bottle of Nebbiolo, the famous black sort of the Italian Piedmont whose name could be translated as “misty”. In rainy 2014, when the common red sorts had not matured enough, it was the best red wine from the Krauthaker vineyards. He was the only one to have the Austrian sort Zelenac in significant quantities and from it to make a strong and lively dry wine and an excellent sweet predicate wine.

Of course, amongst the sorts, the Graševina, of which there are five sweet and dry wines currently on sale, dominates. Likewise, there are three Sauvignons, two Chardonnays, Pinot Gris, Yellow Muscat, Pinot Noir, Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, plus several white and red mixed sorts. In total 25 wine labels are on offer, of all types apart from the sparkling, and he also makes a very good mature brandy.

His vineyards are on the very best locations, on the slopes of Krndija and Papuk, on the geographical latitude of 45.3 degrees north on which the famous wine regions of Bordeaux, the Rhone Valley, Piedmont, Oregon and Istria are also located. From that the baseline of wine is called the 45.4 parallel.
He also owns an experimental vineyard in which he investigates how successful other Croatian sorts and those from other countries, as well as those from other continents can be.

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Working hours: Tastings for the visitor groups accompanied by interesting wine-making interests led by a professional somelier with prior announcement.

Region Slavonia

Address Ivana Jambrovića 6; 34340 Kutjevo


On the sunny southern slopes of Krndija, a mountain which at its largest part from the northeast side seals the Požega valley, is located the widely known, and for the quality of the wines exceptionally valued, Kutjevo winegrowing region.

Vlado Krauthaker, agronomy engineer, oenologist and since 1992 the owner of Krauthaker viticulture and winemaking, accepted the rich viticulture and vintner tradition of the Kutjevo region. Upon the establishing of the winery in the estate there was one hectare of grapevines, but in 2010 the area of our plantation totalled 32 hectares. We have another 68 hectares contracted through collaboration with private producers.

Krauthaker viticulture and winemaking dedicates special attention to the local indigenous sort of Graševina, which often wins medals at wine fairs and exhibitions. As an important characteristic of our production we emphasise the cultivation of grapevines according to eco-principles and the continuity of quality. Using the climatic benefits and suitability of the Graševina sort, in winegrowing Krauthaker Predicate wines are common – of late and selected harvests, as well as a selection of dried berries.

Alongside the excellent Graševina we also nurture premium wines of other sorts: Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Pinot Gris, Zelenac, Merlot and Pinot Noir, which are all seen at wine appraisals. The quality and successfulness of our wines are most proved by the numerous decorations at world-renowned competitions and wine appraisals. As the most dearest we highlight the gold medals for the Graševina received in Bordeaux, London and Burgundy.

At the wine appraisal Wine World Awards 2010 of the magazine Decanter, held in conjunction with the London Wine Fair, Krauthaker won two silver medals, one bronze and four recommendations. The Zelenac Kutjevo 2009 wines won silver, selected harvest of berries, and Zelenac Kutjevo 2008, selected harvest of dried berries. Graševina Mitrovac 2009 received a bronze medal, whilst Sauvignon 2009, Riesling 2009, Graševina Pomale 2009 and Graševina 2009, selected harvest of berries a recommendation.

In March 2017 Krauthaker wowed with the elegance of new wine vintages:
Krauthaker Pinot Gris 2016, Krauthaker Sauvignon 2016, Krauthaker Graševina 2016, Krauthaker Rosé Cuvée 2016, Krauthaker Chardonnay Rosenberg 2015, Krauthaker Syrah 2015 and Krauthaker Zelenac Kutjevo 2009 were presented on 23 March 2017 before going on the market.
Krauthaker Rosé Cuvée 2016.

Krauthaker Rosé Cuvée 2016.

Combined with more red varieties: Pinot Noir, Syrah, Merlot, Zweigeltrebe, Pleasant and refreshing and full of wine. Attractive looks, sparkling crystal clear bright pink colors according to technology and age of wine. The nose is discreet but quite well expressed, with a fragrance that is not complicated, with plenty of fruit in the direction of fresh domestic dark red raspberry and strawberries, as well as vermicelli with a fine floral nuance.
55.00 kn

Krauthaker Pinot sivi 2016

Krauthaker Pinot sivi 2016

Lively, warm wine, with good fruitiness and freshness and with a lot of youthful nerves, without spice-like effects of wood. Shiny crimson-yellow color, crystal clear, smells in the direction of ripe domestic white and green fruit, apples, pears, vineyard peach ...
64.00 kn

Krauthaker Graševina 2016

Krauthaker Graševina 2016

In the type of fresh wine, on the nose with a lot of fruitiness and with distinct floral notes, warm, well-rounded, harmonious, good body in the mouth. Crystal blossoms with a beautiful, straw-yellow color, with a scent of solid intensity, which points to a fresh apple, and to a vineyard peach, also offers some light blue flowers.
61.00 kn