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The Katunar family on the island of Krk is continuing the tradition and heritage by planting new vineyards, wine growing and viticulture. This comes as no surprise given the fact that the Croatian Littoral has a thousand year old winemaking tradition and the vine leaves are featured in the Baška tablet from the 11th century made by the Benedictines.
The Katunar family went through a revival in the 1990s when they started investing in knowledge and new technologies combining them with traditional island viticulture and wine growing.
They were among the first ones to use controlled cold fermentation and the tank fermentation method, i.e. secondary fermentation, which is also known as the charmat method.
The Katunar family owns more than 200,000 vines at two locations: in the Vrbnik field and in the basin of Baška. The Vrbnik field houses a winery where they process the grape and the entire production process take place in addition to aging and bottling. This location is dominated by White Žlahtina, a grape variety indigenous to the island of Krk, and Chardonnay.
The basin of Baška is dominated by grape varieties indigenous to the island of Krk: white Žlahtina, Debejan, Sansigot, Kamenina and autochthonous Plavac Mali, as well as a several world grape varieties such as Syrah, Merlot and Grenache.

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Contact number 051/857-393

Web www.katunar.hr/en/

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Working hours: MON - SAT: 10:00 - 22.00

Region Kvarner

Address Sv. Nedilja bb 51516 Vrbnik


As can be seen from the numbers, this Croatian island winery has a large surface and capacity. However, when compared to the world level, the quantities they export as part of the assortment within the boutique winery category are still rather modest.
The Katunar family winery is increasing quality and making progress by turning their attention to traditional viticulture accompanied by preserving indigenous varieties and turning to their own controlled grape production according to environmental standards at a unique location.