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Damir Josić has been “tailoring” superb Baranja’s wines for twenty years now, bottling them with special labels with illustrations of endangered bird species from nearby Kopački rit.

One of the best Bordeaux blends made in these areas, with a twist in the form of Shiraz, is Ciconia Nigra Cuvée Superior. Shiraz, Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon are ideally balanced in this soft, warm wine, with very gentle tannins. Its dark violet colour announces the explosion of aromas on the nose, which becomes ever more complex with every twist of wine in the glass: black berries, clove, coffee, leather, tobacco with perfectly incorporated oak send signals to one’s taste buds to get ready to enjoy. Boiled plums and figs with sweet chocolate are a prelude to a long ending, which you should enjoy with homemade Slavonian sausages, roast meat, game and strong cheeses.

In Josić Cuvée base line, Shiraz is replaced with more a conventional Pinot Noir, of which he also produces Rosé, an elegant, fresh, and soft wine of full taste, which should be paired with smoked duck breast carpaccio or steak tartare.

Another red blend is Baranjski Šiler (Frankovka and Cabernet Sauvignon), which Hun-garians call “the traditional wine of village landlords.” It has a typical scent and taste, fresh and harmonious. The accentuated fruits on the nose continue on the palate, which enjoys the tastes of jams like those our grandmothers made. Apart from serving it with Slavonian delicacies, it is also recommended to pair it with pasta with freshly picked boletus.

The queen of Slavonian wines, Graševina, is a perfect choice if you want to get familiar with Croatian white wines, especially the Superior line: a strong wine of complex though recognisable aromas of green apple, of full and harmonious body with expected bitterness at the end. Damir personally recommends the pairing of his Terra Panonium Graševina with frog legs, fish stew or catfish on a spit with vegetables. In good years, selected vintage is also prepared.
Josić also produces other white wines as one-varietal wines, in two lines – base and Superior.

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Region Slavonia

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Josić family took over an old wine cellar constructed in 1935 in Zmajevac in Baranja twenty years ago, and restored it respecting the ambiance of a traditional sarduk, the Turkish word for a typical cut in the hill in which wine cellars dug in the earth (gatori) were constructed. The temperature for wine aging in gatori is ideal: between 12 and 15 degrees Celsius.
Together with the cellar, they bough old vineyards at the famous Banova kosa position, which the Romans called Zlatno brdo (Golden Hill). Today, on more than 20 hectares, they grow Graševina, Sauvignon, Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, Ca-bernet Franc, Pinot Noir, Shiraz and Frankovka, and their annual production is about 130,000 litres of wine.