Iločki Podrumi d.d.

Hrvatsko Podunavlje

At the mention of Iločki Podrumi the first association is Traminac (Traminer). This sort cultivated in the far eastern Croatian vineyards, gives unique wines, whether they are dry, predicate or sweet. They belong to the most awarded Croatian wines.

Due to the combination of soil and climate, the Graševinas of Iločki Podrumi have a special and always recognisable aroma. It is no wonder, therefore, that last year the presented Velika Berba 2011, an exclusive and carefully nurtured Graševina wine, was listed by all the critics amongst the best Croatian white wines. And ahead of it are still many good years of maturing.

The Iločki Podrumi company bottles the best wines from Traminac, Graševina and Chardonnay under the label of Principovac. This is the name of the excellent winegrowing location where the wonderful country estate is, a recently restored mansion from 1864, in which there are luxury apartments, an excellent restaurant and numerous sports grounds.

It is a place which should be visited and enjoy the wines of Iločki Podrumi there. One must not forget to visit the old cellar in Ilok itself, where there is also a rich wine archive.

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Region Slavonia

Address Dr. Franje Tuđmana 72; 32236 Ilok


Iločki Podrumi are located on the right bank of the Danube, in the most eastern town of the Republic of Croatia, Ilok, a town of antiquity and wine. Continuing here are many millennia of the old tradition of the cultivation of grapevines and wines of high-quality sorts from vineyards that in the undulating plateaus of the western hillsides of the Fruška Gora descend towards the mighty Danube.

They produce wine from the 990 hectares of winegrowing locations, 330 hectares of their own and 660 hectares from repurchase, with an overall annual wine production of wine of around four million litres.

Besides the basic activities, of viticulture and winemaking, Iločki Podrumi is a significant producer of vine planting material – seedling. Along with this they are developing an authentic and unique tourist and hospitality offer, connecting the features of the tourist destination with winemaking and viticulture.

In the last few years Iločki Podrumi have also been intensively developing the network of their own retail outlets throughout Croatia.