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The tradition of grape and wine production of the Grabovac family from Prološac near Imotski is more than 200 years long, which can also be proved by an acknowledgement from 1812 that they received from the French authorities during Napoleon’s rule of these regions.

Today’s winery in Prološac, in the northwest part of the Imotski field, was established in 1992.
The Grabovac family is known for Modro Jezero (Blue Lake), a wine of the Merlot, Trnjak, Vranac and Cabernet Sauvignon sorts. They produce it under the names of Modro Jezero Barrique, which is stored for a year in new wooden barrels made from Slavonian oak, and Modro Jezero, which has been in barrels for 18 months and is prepared for several years of ageing in bottles.

From the same sorts they also produce a rosé wine Crveno Jezero (Red Lake) and a sparkling wine called Grabovac Brut Rose. They were the first to produce sparkling wine by the classic Champagne method in Dalmatia after Croatian independence. They also have a white Grabovac Brut made from Pinot Gris, Chardonnay and Sauvignon.

They also have a very good white wine made from Chardonnay, and they invest a lot of effort into the raising of the quality of the wines from the local white sort Kujundžuša.

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Working hours: With the previous reservation of wine tasting with local dishes.

Region Dalmatia-Split

Address Proložac bb; 21264 Proložac Donji


The Grabovac winery is the oldest private winery in the Imotski wine-growing area, which is one of the best wine regions in Croatia. In this part grapevines have been cultivated since ancient times, and the experience in grape and wine production in the Grabovac family has been passed on for 200 years.

Today the Grabovac family owns 15 hectares of vineyards in the best locations of the Imotski wine-growing area, which places them amongst the most important winegrowers in Dalmatia.
The Kujundžuša white sort, whose name most likely derives from the Turkish word for gold “kuyun”, which describes the colour of its fruit at the time of the technological maturity of the grapes, is the indigenous and at the same time, the most common white sort in the Imotski wine-growing area. Kujundžuša gives a wine of mild acidities and alcohol and is characterised by a mild minerality and gentle fruity tones, and this makes it an ideal summer wine.

The most common red sorts are the indigenous Trnjak and Vranac plus Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah from the introduced sorts. The mentioned red sorts make up the wines from the Modro Jezero range.

Since 2003 the Grabovac family also produces sparkling wines. They produce white and rosé sparkling wines exclusively by the classic (Champagne) method and represent the crown in the Grabovac’s family wine production.