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The Galić family has been involved in viticulture for generations and they mostly made wine for their own consumption up until 2005 when wine production turned into a serious business. Josip Galić decided to grow grape vines on his own plantation so today they have about 60 hectares of cultivated land on two locations. One of them is located at the Papuk and Krndija slopes above the Požega Valley, while the other is a recent acquisition of vineyards and winery Stupnički dvori near Slavonski Brod that used to be owned by another renowned winemaker Davor Zdjelarević.

The Kutjevo wine-producing region is known for its optimal acid-sugar ratio of the grape during harvest when it is transported to the cellar in a very short time where it’s processed in sterile conditions using state-of-the-art equipment and the latest technology. Galić and his associates are constantly expanding their knowledge on cultivars and appropriate groundwork while using the most modern ampelotechnics without neglecting the ecological aspect of production.

Galić nurtures a specific vinification style thanks to which his wine contains pure fruity and herbal aromas of apple, pear and camomile. This has obviously captured juries at competitions where Galić wines have won numerous awards. We should particularly point out bronze medals from the competition World Wine Awards Decanter 2017 for wines Bijelo 9 2013 harvest and the select harvest of dried Welschriesling (graševina) harvest 2011, while the select dried grape harvest Welschriesling (graševina) Leon was declared champion at the 2016 Welschriesling (graševina) Festival in Kutjevo.

Apart from white wines, Galić Winery also make red wines. When it comes to red wines, the longer they age, the better they are and they can be stored for more than 15 years. This particularly refers to label Crno 9, a coupage of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, especially the 2008 harvest in which fruity aromas intertwine with tertiary aromatic notes of black pepper, cedar and nutmeg.

In addition to still wines, Galić Winery also makes sparkling wines.

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Galić Winery owns vineyards in two separate locations: the first one is situated in the green slopes of Papuk and Krdnija facing the Požega Valley with the undulating Orljava river, where the vineyards of Josip Galić take up about 30 hectares in the north-south direction. The location is ideal for growing grape vines, especially the autochthonous Welschriesling (graševina). It has an altitude of 200-300m a.s.l., predominantly southern exposure and continental climate features with a gradual transition from summer to autumn with a higher average temperature in autumn than in spring. The second location is situated above Brodski Stupnik where the vineyards span the southern slopes of Dilj gora with an overall area of 27 hectares. Apart from Chardonnay, this position is particularly conducive to red varieties such as Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Merlot.

A hotel housing the restaurant Stupnički dvori is located next to the vineyard in Brodski Stupnik, while a cellar with a tasting room and archive is located underground.