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Ivica Florijanović and his winery are a part of a team of eight winers from Moslavina who take part in the project of branding of Ovnek Žuti, Ovnek Slatki, Vinek Žuti and Škrtec, known to everyone as Škrlet (an indigenous grape variety grown in Moslavina). A yellow label with a vine trellis in the shape of a ram’s head, just like the trellis of Škrlet, guarantees the quality of the wine of this variety from Moslavina. Škrlet is a variety resistant to disease and (harsh) climate, but it is also very capricious and asks for meticulous attention, of low yield if close attention is not paid to it in the vineyard.

Monovarietal wines made of Škrlet are known as fresh and aromatic, ideal for alleviating the summer heat. Florijanović’s Škrlet is a dry, slightly warm wine of somewhat higher acidity, with the aroma of peach and a long-lasting taste. It is well-paired with freshwater and salt-water fish, seafood and white meat. Similar characteristics may be found in a unique project, a Škrlet cuvée created from the wine obtained from the best positions, made by the seven winers from Škrlet Association. Škrlet cuvée came on the market later this year in a limited series of 5,000 bottles.

Florijanović’s Graševina is a characteristic wine made of the most common variety in Croatia: a merry wine of medium strength and extract, with a great ratio of acids, thus inevitably reminding one of juicy apples, with a taste of citrus and light herbal notes, leaving a pleasant bitter-spicy aftertaste on one’s palate.

Red representatives of Florijanović Winery are made of Frankovka, a variety as common in continental Croatia as if it were indigenous. Ivica uses it in the production of two labels: monovarietal and rosé. Frankovka is juicy and light, with light tannins and of an intense ruby-red colour. You can scent and taste its fruity notes, so it is well-paired with red meat dishes, but also with cheese. The rosé is fresh and highly drinkable, the right light wine for summer days, of subtle aromas, so it is best to drink it by itself.

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Contact number +385 98 130 4111

Web www.vinarija-florijanovic.hr

E-mail ivicaflorijanovic@yahoo.com

Working hours: By agreement

Region Central Croatia

Address Sredanija 3, Potok, 44317 Popovača


Florijanović family has decided to grow the indigenous varieties of Moslavina, a wine-producing subregion. On their 5 hectares they mostly grow Škrlet, Moslavac, Dišeća Ranina, as well as Graševina, Muškat Žuti, Riesling, Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay, Frankovka, Cabernet Sauvignon and Pinot Noir in smaller quantities. The vineyards are scattered on south and south-east slopes of Moslavačka Gora, on the heights between 140 and 170 metres. The half of the wine cellar (its capacity amounting to 80,000 litres) is used for vinification, while the other half is used for recent vintages. It also houses a tasting room for 50 people.