Family farm Rakovac olive oils


In the picturesque and authentic Istrian village of Rakovci, just a few kilometres from Baderna which, in turn, is ten kilometres away from Poreč, you’ll find the Rakovac family olive groves that have been passed on for generations.

Grapevine was the dominant crop at first, whereas olives were just an insignificant crop growing at the fringes of vineyards or next to walls. Great-grandfather Ivan Šerga - Bilin, who passed off his insight to his children and grandchildren, was in charge at the time. Today his soil is tilled by Saša and Vedrana Rakovac, who have enthusiastically taken in all the advice that has been kept in the family for years. By doing so, they have continued the tradition of olive oil production.

They produce multi-variety olive oil which is made by blending indigenous local varieties such as Istrian bjelica, buža, leccino and pendolino. The oil is classified as extra virgin olive oil as it contains 0.15 % free fat acids. Thanks to timely harvest and processing, the oil has a balanced bitterness with a scent of grass, fruit and green olive fruit and guarantees excellent qualities which will be valued by every olive oil fan.

They own about 550 olive trees that produce approximately 300 litres of olive oil per year.
In 2017 the Bilini extra virgin olive oil was included in Flos Olei 2017, a guide listing the world’s top 500 olive oils.

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Contact number +385 52 508 700, +385 98 794 068



Working hours: Tour possible upon prior notice.

Region Istria

Address Vidikovac 68; 52 100 Pula


Products of family farm Rakovac:
- Extra virgin olive oil Bilini in glass bottles - 0.1 l, 0.25 l, 0.5 l and 1 l
- Extra virgin olive oil Bilini in plastic bottles - 1 l, 2 l i 5 l

Products of family farm Rakovac have received numerous awards:
- Maslina 2017 Split:
Gold medal and diploma, Plaque for the highest panel score for organoleptic properties, Plaque for best extra virgin olive oils - Premium, Trophy and champion plaque in the multi-variety extra virgin olive oil category, Trophy and plaque as the Maslina Split 2017 champion
- Maslina 2016. Split
Gold medal for multi-variety extra virgin olive oils, Plaque for top 10 multi-variety extra virgin olive oils, Vice champion diploma in the mixed olive types category Split
- Sv. Elizej 2016 Fažana - gold medal

- Ulika 2016, Medulin - gold medal
- Noćnjak 2016 Bol - gold medal for packaging
- Oleum olivarum 2016, Krasnica - silver medal
- Povenjak 2016, Omiš - Vice champion extra virgin olive oils
- 8th fair of the Fažana Agricultural Association, 2012 - gold medal