Eko Petrović pumpkin oil


Organic farming is becoming increasingly popular, especially given the growing awareness of the importance of a healthy and balanced diet. The family farm Petrović headed by the innovative Andreja Petrović is without a doubt one of the most well-known farms specialising in eco products.

The family farm is renowned for its pumpkin oil, which is made by cold-pressing organically farmed golica pumpkin seeds. The pumpkins are grown on 12 hectares of farm land owned by the family adhering to all organic farming principles. The soil is hand hoed and they use organic fertilizers produced by certified organic farms. Thanks to an organic certificate several of their products may be purchased in specified stores selling healthy food products. They make about 2000 litres of oil per year. Their oil is characterised by a dark green colour with a matt red effect, a pleasant scent and nutty taste. Thanks to being rich in nutrients and having quite a few health benefits it is widely considered to be one of most valuable remedies.

They also make other eco products such as pumpkin spread that was proclaimed the most innovative product at Histria 2015. They also make pumpkin seeds, pumpkin flour, spelt flour, spelt bran and spelt groats.

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Contact number 042/230-960 , 098/1405-945

Web www.eko-petrovic.hr/eko-petrovic_black/Dobrodosli.html

E-mail andreja@eko-petrovic.hr

Working hours: Arrival with prior notice

Region Central Croatia

Address Zagrebačka 238; 42 000 Varaždin


• Pumpkin oil 0.75 l, 0.11 l

• Pumpkin oil - silver medal for unrefined pumpkin oil awarded at the Northwest Croatia Pumpkin Oil Exhibition from 2014 to 2016