The beauty of the Istrian land writes stories that have been spoken of for centuries and as such have been passed from generation to generation. On this splendid red and white land, one of the best quality vineyards originates whose drops were enjoyed even by the ancient Romans.

Right here, on the gentle, sunny slopes between Buje and Brtonigla, are located the Degrassi vineyards, which stretch over 25 hectares where grapes ripen whose wines caress our palates. However, the land and natural riches are not enough without the help of human knowledge and love of the winegrowing. Then premium wines are made. This is also the case here, where Moreno and his father Nino have nurtured the premium quality brand of Degrassi wines for years.

On Terra Bianca there are four vineyards where the well-known sorts are cultivated: Bomarchese (where Malvasia is cultivated), Ferné (where the Chardonnay vineyard is located), Contrani (a position where almost all the red wines and a few whites are located) and San Pellegrin (White Muscat vineyard). On Terra Rossa only two sorts are grown, and those are Teran and Refošk.
For every occasion there is a right wine, and every wine comes to its right moment, they say in the Degrassi winery, and so from their house come more than 16 different sorts of wines led by the indigenous sorts Malvasia, Teran and Refošk which have recently been joined by a new sort Viognier Vugava white. The classic wine selection offers a wide range of white, rosé and red wines from which every wine lover finds their favourite.
In the Degrassi winery they know how to recognise the potentials of their old vineyards where they separate the best grapes from the other harvests in order to produce small series of intense tastes and thick structures. These are the wines Riserva and Selection. With the discovery of the charm of coupage wine lines were developed that have won multiple national and international awards. The white and red coupages of the house are compiled partly of indigenous and partly French sorts. Of course, the archival wines also provide a special experience.

From the filling of the first bottle under the Degrassi brand in 1996 everything began on an ascending path where the profession has largely declared the quality of Degrassi wines with awards. The awarded wines from year to year are proof that tradition, knowledge and love in a mutual correlation guarantee the beautiful gift that connects all wine lovers.

At the regional review Vinistra they have been one of the best for years, however, in 2014 amongst 13 medals they also won four golds. They have also been recognised by the global wine scene where in conjunction with Decanter and IWC in one year they received as many as five decorations for their wines, and in the years after medals have repeatedly followed.

Every story leaves behind a special experience, and so does this wine one, which will leave the best impression with an easy walk to the wine cellar where you will enjoy the elegance of the wooden barrels and several authentic wine amphorae from ancient times. It is here that moments to be remembered are created where you will, alongside fresh and mature wines in the company of friends, create unforgettable memories. Within the cellar there is also a tasting room and wine shop.

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Region Istria

Address Bašanija - Podrumarska 3; 52475 Savudrija


The Degrassi vineyards are located on the slopes between Brtonigla and Buje.
They spread over 25 hectares and consist of vines of various ages. The low yield on the vine with the aim of achieving the best quality and intensity plus the great attention to the work in the vineyard and the vineyards, which are spread over two types of land, are features of the Degrassi winery and wines. They produce the grapes for the wines themselves, and the harvest is by hand.

A tour of the cellar is also a museum tour. Ancient wine amphorae found under the sea and on land adorn the cellar. A walk alongside the wooden barrels and through the archives is a special experience, so it is easy to understand how much devotion and effort, as well as modern technology and knowledge, have been invested.

Just a few hundred metres from the cellar is the oldest lighthouse in the whole Adriatic and which still works today.