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Poreština, located between Vrsar and Poreč, is the home of the Damjanić Winery that grows a series of local and international varieties of specific character and top quality in surrounding vineyards. The emphasis is on the Istrian indigenous varieties, Malvazija and Borgonja that are used, along with Chardonnay, Žuti Muškat, Merlot, and Cabernet Sauvignon, in the production of wine in the traditional way while using the modern technologies in a fully equipped cellar.
Malvazija IQ, 2016 vintage, was crowned the Regional Trophy Winner title, in addition to Golden Medal at the International Wine Challenge. This is one of the finest fresh Malvazija grapes of Istria that is harvested manually as most of their grapes, and is then left to age on fine sediment in stainless tanks. Featuring yellow hay colour with greenish reflection, the variety has a typical fruit aroma and floral notes of elderberry, acacia, and grapefruit with herbal hints. Having pleasing minerality, sensational freshness in the finish and being finely balanced, this is classical Malvazija that can readily be enjoyed even without food, however, it would be a shame to miss it while relishing white fish, seafood dishes or pasta with meat.
Clémente Blanc 2015 is white cuvée of 60% Malvazija, 30% Chardonnay and 10% Bijeli Pinot of grapes from one of the best years in Istria. The wine owes its full taste and body alike to the procedure of aging in a French barrique for a year, following six months of aging in bottles. This is wine of character and firmness that lasts long on the palate, with flavours of ripe fruit and toasted almonds, dominated with local peach and tropical fruit aromas with mild toasted hints in the nose. Aged and full fat cheese, octopus over hot ashes or boškarin meat dishes are some foodstuffs that pair perfectly with this drinkable cuvée.
With heavy meat dishes such as beefsteak or game in piquant sauces, the Damjanić offers a red version of Clemente (2013 vintage) of 60% Merlot, 20% Cabernet Sauvignon and 10% Teran and Borgonja each, which won Silver Medal at Decanter in London in 2017 with 91 points. It first ages for two years in 225 to 500 litre oak barrels, and then for six months in stainless tanks, and up to a year in bottles. This wine with dark ruby colour with purple reflection, elegant, and rich in a lot of berry fruits (blueberry, blackberry), with complete and perfectly composed tannins and layered and lingering aroma, is a frequent choice of oenophiles.
Ivan Damjanić is one of rare winemakers in Istria who grows Borgonja, a variety named after the French wine growing region Bourgogne where it has been grown since the 14th century. Until recently, it was considered mistakenly to be either the French Gamay variety (from which the famous Beaujolais young wine is made) or that it is an Istrian autochthonous variety. Modern procedures for determining the varietal identity have established that it is actually – Frankovka (Blaufränkisch)!
The Damjanić uses it for its superb red blends, and in the mono-varietal label of Borgonja. Aging is carried out in a combination of wooden barrels (30%), and the rest in stainless tanks; then, the wine rests in bottles for several more months. With the expected elegant ruby colour, the wine has the flavour of raspberry, cranberry along with floral notes of the violet, only to finish with intense red pepper and peperoncinos. With gentle tannins and complete taste permeated with fruit and herbal notes, the wine can be consumed even seven years after the harvest, which, with moderate alcohols, means pairing with cured meat slices, median aged cheese, fritaja enhanced with sausages and pasta with heavy game or meat sauces.
Istrian Malvazija Acacia ages for 8-12 months in barrels, certainly of acacia, and prior fermentation is in stainless tanks. Unlike most of other Malvazija wines, this one is prepared with the intent to be able to wait for up to six years: dry, golden-yellow colour with the bouquet of acacia honey, ripe fruit and with smoke notes, it has full taste and remains in the mouth for a while with the feeling of saltiness – it pairs fish specialties the most…

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Wine is not a product, wine is a lifestyle – is the motto under which the Damjanić family have described their love and desire for perfection and a way of communication with the world since the 18th century (then, with the surname Jurković). Until the end of the Second World War, the family grew more than 20 hectares of vineyards and was awarded for its wines in numerous world shows of wine; in distant 1928, their red wine won Golden Medal at the Exposition du Bien-Etre in Paris. At the start of the new millennium, led by young enologist Ivan Damjanić, they re-established grape plants and currently, on about ten hectares in 9 locations, they grow Istrian Malvazija, Chardonnay, Žuti Muškat, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Borgonja, one of the oldest known grape varieties in the world, somewhat forgotten in our areas.
The developmental path of the Damjanić Winery has been gradual, and quality has continually been raised over years. This is evidenced by two Golden Medals at the International WineChallenge blind competition in London where two wines – Clemente Bijeli 2015 and Malvazija IQ 2016 were granted high 95 points. The Damjanić has also won prizes at the wine Decanter: Borgonja won great Golden Medal on two occasions, and Clemente 2013 and Clemente 2009 as well as Chardonnay won Silver Medals.
Malvazija wine of the Damjanić Winery, specially aged, has ranked among the top Istrian wines for some time now, and its red wines are rightfully found in wine lists of the most prestigious restaurants.