Crvik vineyards and winery

Srednja i Južna Dalmacija

Pomet is a hedonist and egotist, the servant from Držić’s comedy Dundo Maroje. Negromant is an illusionist and liar from the same work. Tezoro is a treasure of which Držić’s miser Skup dreams of, whilst Vilin Ples in the writing of Dubrovnik’s master rejuvenates those who come under the fairy’s power.

In the Crvik winery in the place of Komaji near Ćilipi, Pomet is an outstanding wine of Plavac Mali which last year was declared the best red wine at the first national appraisal in Croatia.
Negromant is a very fine Merlot from the Crvik family, Tezoro an extraordinary white wine of Dubrovnik Malvasia, an indigenous sort of the Croatian south, whilst Vilin Ples is a sensational mix of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Plavac Mali which at Wine Stars last year won five stars and was listed amongst the ten best red wines on the Croatian market.

And when they bear the names of the tricksters or servants, the Crvik family wines are special, very fine and extremely smooth.

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Working hours: Monday-Friday: 14:00-19:00h

Region Dalmatia-Dubrovnik

Address Kotar 12; 20213 Dubrovnik, Čilipi



Tezoro Dubrovnik Malvasia Selection (selected harvest)
Marin Držić Dubrovnik Malvasia (regular harvest)
Fiora Rose Merlot
Negromant Merlot
Pomet Plavac Mali Selection (selected harvest)
Vilin Ples Cuvée (Cab. S. 40%, Merlot 40%, Plavac Mali 20%)

This is a range of premium wines under the title of ‘Marin Držić’. All the titles are from the works of Marin Držić, and the white colour on the base of the label symbolises the white stone of Dubrovnik.

All of these wines have regularly won the highest decorations at the majority of national and a section of international festivals (e.g. Pomet Plavac Mali Selection 2011, champion red wine at the first national wine appraisal – HGK 2015, Pomet Plavac Mali Selection 2012 overall winner at Dubrovnik Festiwine 2015).

The Dubrovnik Malvasia, an indigenous sort of grapevine unique to these areas, gives a special wine, and according to the key elements, it differs from all other white wines.
Plavac Mali, also in particular Konavle locations (as Stjepan Bulić also described it in the ‘Dalmatian ampelography'), gives a rather powerful and exceptionally interesting wine, partly different from the other Plavac coastal areas, which can certainly be attributed to the type of earth and microclimate.
The Canavia group of quality wines are:
- Maraština
- Plavac Mali Barrique
- Merlot