Cmrečnjak Winery

Zagorje – Međimurje

Rajko Cmrečnjak’s wine story – in terms of some more serious effort – which has been successfully continued by Marko, Petra and Anita, began in 1992 when they received a certificate of the geographic origin and placed the first bottled Graševina in the market under the Cmrečnjak brand. A year later they started participating in wine competitions where from they regularly returned with prizes – the last in a series of international awards is the silver medal for Pušipel Classic 2018 at this year's Decanter in London.

Winemakers from Međimurje have made a great story with Pušipel in a joint effort, and Rajko Cmrečnjak is one who should be most credited for the promotion of the brand, for which he has designed a special bottle. Pušipel from the Cmrečnjak Winery is characterised by freshness and slightly sparkling acids, but perfectly balanced with pleasant alcohols and minerality on the palate. Complex and delicious wine, with considerable body, with citrus and floral aromas of nettles pairs perfectly with veal shank and buckwheat žganci (buckwheat spoonbread).

Graševina wines are proverbially highly drinkable and fresh with a wide range of floral and fruity aromas, while a special story is the top first ice vintage that happened by chance because the construction of the wine cellar and delivery of tanks were late and in awaiting the equipment, the vintage was also late. However, the result was beyond all expectations. Unfortunately, winters are increasingly becoming milder and the last ice vintage was in 2012 – this exquisite sweet wine is the perfect choice for those who like having something sweet after meal.

The Cmrečnjak wine house also produces several typical continental varieties: Sauvignon Cmrečnjak is clear but dense wine of intense fruity and flowery aromas among which bazga (elderberry) stands out. Pinot Noir is fresh wine with pronounced varietal characteristics from which in weaker years, they produce rosé of the colour of salmon with special copper glare where fruity aromas of strawberries and raspberries dominate. From its clonal derivative, Pinot Gris from the cellar of Sveti Urban often comes out as a semi-dry wine with mild acids, a rich body and elating scents of peach and pear.

With Rheinriesling and Muscat Yellow, wine adventurers will love the Urban pearl from Cmrečnjak: real summer blend of Pušipel, Graševina, Green Sylvaner and Rheinriesling. Exceptionally smooth and fresh, it is especially popular in Međimurje in combination with carbonated water – the so-called spritzer.

In cooperation with several young winemakers, Marko Cmrečnjak is a part of the project Young Međimurje whose aim is to introduce selected young bottled wines. His choice has fallen on Rizvanac, a hybrid of Plemenka and Rheinriesling which is smooth, light dry wine, with low alcohols and pronounced minerality.

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Working hours: Monday - Sunday 08:00-16:00

Region Central Croatia

Address Sveti Urban 273, 40312 Štrigova


The Cmrečnjak family built their first cellar in distant 1884 and it now houses extensive wine archive. In the early 1970s they planted Graševina and Pušipel on two hectares – today their vines are grown on 22 hectares, mostly on the best position for vineyard in Međimurje includuing Mađerkin breg where they grow a number of varieties, mostly Graševina, Sauvignon, Pinot Gris and Noar, Yellow Muscat, Rheinriesling, Rizvanac, and certainly Pušipel (moslavac, šipon). Accordingly, they expanded the wine cellar in Sveti Urban for several times, and today it occupies 1,000 square meters within which there is a rustic-style decorated Tasting Wine House.