Chiavalon olive oils


“The slow growth of the olive has always fascinated me, the beauty of its trees and the gifts which it gives us after all the hard work. Whilst my peers were collecting football stickers and riding bicycles, my hobby was getting to know this beautiful tree better and to make olive oil which would make my family happy.” Says Sandi Chiavalon from Vodnjan whose family is amongst the most famous Croatian producers of extra virgin olive oil.

They have their own 7,500 olive trees and three subcontractors with another 2,000 trees. Their oil Ex Albis is obtained by the mixing of five varieties: Buža, Carbonazza, Bianchera, Moražola and Leccino.

The olives are harvested and processed by varieties, and the oil is blended in order that every year it has the same taste. It goes excellently with mixed vegetable salads, legume appetisers, porcini mushroom soups, mollusc dishes, grilled fish, marinated tuna, red and white meat, and various cheeses.

It can also be served with desserts such as ice cream, vanilla mousses and chocolate cakes.

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Region Istria

Address Vladimira Nazora 16; 52215 Vodnjan


Nine years included in the most prestigious olive oil guide in the world Flos Olei with a score of 94/100.
This year they received a score of 95/100, and Flos Olei listed them amongst the top 15 of the world’s producers.
They have won gold awards at competitions in Japan, Italy, Germany and Switzerland.

On offer is an extra virgin olive oil in packaging of 100 ml, 250 ml and 500 ml.