Brist Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Exploring the specialties of Istrian olive oils, we have come across very pleasant hosts of the Brist Ltd company, which manufactures olive oil under the brand of Brist Extra virgin olive oil. Their love for the production of top quality olive oil has spread to all of their household members, including the son-in-law, originally from Ireland. He is the reason why their Internet site is in fluent English, with detailed explanations about all the advantages, specificities and benefits of their oil.

The foundation has been laid by Silvano Puhar, who, with the help of his family, merged the old tradition with modern technology, refreshed with new ideas and novelties, and launched a brand of olive oil that you would want in your kitchen. The oil is produced in strictly controlled conditions, through the cold press process, adding nothing but love, passion and knowledge.

We were especially interested in their ambition and desire to show the tourists what they are best at. They have designed special tours where the guests can get acquainted with the olive plantations, learn more about planting and cultivation of olives, and, of course, taste the oils. The tours vary in duration, from 60 minutes to two hours, with the special sunset tour where you set off right before the last rays of sun have bathed their olives. Don't be surprised if, on your tour, you happen to encounter some small olive growers, who start learning how to take care of olives from a young age by helping their parents in the production process. The company doesn't need to fear that their work will disappear because the new generations are already prepared.

-- Your Gourmet 365

Contact number +385 98 219 380, +385 95 5624 111



Working hours: With prior announcement

Region Istria

Address Trgova─Źka ulica 40, 52215 Vodnjan


BRIST Olive is a brand of top quality Croatian extra virgin olive oils, all domestically produced from traditionally native olive sorts. These olives have been grown for thousands of years on the Istrian peninsula with its uniquely suited micro-climate. The combination of perfect sunlight, light rain, nutrient rich soil and fresh sea salted winds give this small region unsurpassed olive growing conditions. It is known that during the time of ancient Rome, Istrian olive oil was considered through the empire to be the finest.