Since the dawn of time, the olive has always been the queen of plants, but only true connoisseurs are aware of all of its characteristics. We ordinary consumers are only aware of the richness of flavour of the oil it gives, but what are all the peculiarities of this unique plant? Did you know that the plant can withstand low temperatures between -6 and -8°C, depending on the sort? Or that one plant can produce 15 to 40 kg of olives?

The people of Bilaja oil mill plant are well aware of all of this, having produced olive oil, this divine nectar, since 2003. No, it is not located in Istria, where you can find an olive tree every couple of metres, but in the Split-Dalmatia county, where only the hard-workers and the persistent ones succeed. They currently own about a thousand olive trees, using the cold pressing procedure to get the final top quality product. Following their vision of creating a recognizable brand, known worldwide, they have come up with Benedikt Terra Dalmatia olive oil which captures your attention with great design.

Just by looking at the bottle, you will notice something different and innovative. The bottle's appearance merges an olive fruit with the traditional Dalmatian folk costume, and the tricolor band wrapped around the neck of the bottle represents a symbol of Croatia. Did you know that the quality of the oil drops if you keep it in bottles that let in light or other external factors. They are well-aware if this in Bilaja oil mill plant, and that is why their bottle is made of enamelled glass, which preserves the quality of the oil.

They own two oil mill plants where they process their own olives and the olives they buy, and if you are interested to see what all this really looks like in the field, we recommend a walk through the plantation, getting acquainted with the technology and learning more about the production of sort oil that the owners propagate. The owners await you with pride to have you dip homemade Dalmatian bread into this glorious golden nectar.

-- Your Gourmet 365

Contact number 021/890-713, 091/7850-092



Working hours: With prior announcement

Region Dalmatia-Split

Address Marinska cesta 36; 21222 Marina



- Benedikt Terra Dalmatia – packages of 0.25 L, 0.5 L and 0.75 L


- Gold medal at Maslina (Olive) in 2006, 2011 and 2014 (International manifestation of olive oil producers)

- Gold medal for package at Maslina in 2014

- Gold medal at Eco World Fest in 2009

- Bronze medal for quality at Noćnjak 2010 (International manifestation of olive oil producers)

- Gold medal for high quality extra-virgin olive oil in 2011 in Novi Sad

- And other awards