Bermet and Muštarda - 200 years old delicacies from Samobor

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The Filipec family has the reputation as one of the oldest family in Samobor that used to be involved in leather processing and production. As a result of an unfortunate turn of events after 1946 all property, including the leather workshop, belonging to Josip Joca Filiped was confiscated. In order to earn for a living, he started with the commercial production of bermet and muštarda, which he had previously done only for private consumption.

In his will Josip stated that upon his death he wanted his eldest son to take over the tradition of bermut production, while his younger son would be in charge of muštarda production. His grandson Antun founded the craft “Obitelj Filipec” in 1999 thereby delving into production, improvement and familiarising an ever larger number of people with Samobor’s delicacies bermet and muštarda.

Bermet is a wine first and foremost. It’s an aromatised wine with a dominant grassy and herbal flavour, sweet-bitter tannins and excellently balanced sugars and acids. Bermut usually contains a high alcohol share of 15-16%. Recipes date back to the 19th century, but every family makes it in their special way adding a “secret” ingredient. Some recipes, for example, mentions raisins, orange, cinnamon, lemon, quince or even horseradish. But every bermet is based on wormwood and sugar blending bitter and sweet flavours.

It’s made from red wine in north-western Croatia, mostly in Plešivica, Samoborsko gorje and Syrmia. Samobor bermut is the most well-known and sought after.

It’s used as an aperitif or a digestive... there are no rules actually. You can drink bermut whenever you feel like it.

Muštarda stems from the French word “moustard”, which is essentially a spread spice made from mustard seeds. This piquant sauce has been produced in the Samobor area for over two centuries. It’s a natural product containing no preservatives.

Filipec Samoborska Muštarda is moderately piquant, has a brown colour and a sharp, sweet scent. It’s made from mustard seeds, stum, sugar and salt. Muštarda is ideal with roasted meat that demands “something sweet” so it brings out the best of the meat and enhances flavours. It goes great with sausages, garlic sausages and beef.

Muštarda and bermet form an indispensible part of Samobor’s culinary offer and the city’s identity so they’ve become the region’s souvenirs.

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The Filipec family shop and bermut production cellar are located in the centre of Samobor. They are a culinary souvenir and a landmark.

You can have a tour of this authentic space with a guided tasting. The owners will tell you about the history and tradition of Samobor, as well as the Filipec family who takes the credit for two world-known delicacies native to the region.