Belci Meloto olive oils


The Belci family began to cultivate olives a long time ago when grandfather Mateo began with the production of olive oil with a local hydraulic press. That was back in the 1940s. The tradition has continued to this day when his sons recognised the potential of processing olives and took over the work which grandfather Matteo had created over the years.

Today they have about eight hectares of olive groves where around 3,000 olive trees grow, of which some are more than 400 years old. Their olive plantation provides about 1,800 kg of olives per year of the traditional Buža, Rosulja, Istrian Bjelica and Žižolera varieties.

The oil takes its name from their father's mother Marussa called Melota. Olive oil from the Buža variety has an emphasised bitterness and spiciness, which are perfectly well-balanced. The strong and fruity taste originates from apples and the olive fruit, and likewise, has a taste of radicchio and artichoke.

In contrast, the olive oil of the Žižolera variety has an aggressive and pungent taste in which an aroma of grass and leaves prevails with a dominance of the olive fruit, which gives a fruity character. The oil from the Rosulja variety leaves traces of fruit and cut grass in its smell. The taste and smell of apples is an indicator of the freshness which is additionally enriched with the smell of almonds and aromatic herbs.

The Belci family is very friendly and will very happily share all their experience and knowledge of olive oil with you. Of course with a tasting of the oils and a few drops of top Istrian wines. To the gastronomic experience we will also add some excellent specialities which will also be just right for the wonderful tasting experience.

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The oil that the Belci brothers from Vodnjan produce bears the name of their grandmother Marussa called Melota.
The valued extra virgin olive oils are the fruit of the value and simplicity of the Belci family, and here the olive is the traditional culture. Some of the 3,000 trees which the family own are also more than 400 years old.
The family’s commitment to traditional varieties is strong, the varieties that give special quality production are: Buža, an ancient indigenous sort, as well as Istrian Bjelica, Rosulja and above all, the re-discovered Žižolera.

Gold was won at the national competitions held in Buje, Umag, Cres, Split, Zadar, Biograd na Moru, Tar and at Vinistra in Poreč
Best oil at ‘Dani ulja’ in Zadar in 2010
Žižolera, best monovarietal oil at the Vodnjan event held in 2007
Golds won at international competitions in Koper (Slovenia) and Novi Sad (Serbia)
Biol Prize, Bari (Italy): third special praise after Chile and Venezuela
Slow Food, five years’ continuous presence in the catalogue
'L’Extravergine: guide to the best extra virgin oils of the world of certified quality’: four successive years’ presence ‘Flos Olei 2010’ listed amongst the best extra virgin oils in the world
Alma Trophy at the 3rd international ‘Armonia’ contest’ in the ‘fruttato intense’ (‘intensive fruity taste’) category and Gran Menzione for chemical analysis
Pesaro (Italy) 2009 and 2010: Orciolo d’Oro award, second prize in the ‘fruttato medio’ (‘medium fruity taste’) category and third prize in the ‘fruttato intense’ (‘intensive fruity taste’) category