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Continental Croatia is not famous only for its stunning nature, rich cultural and historical heritage. It also has a phenomenal culinary tradition that’s second to none. In order to pamper your palate, the best chefs make use of their finest tricks. Pumpkin oil, which has become an indispensable ingredient in many top kitchens and in our homes, is definitely one of them.

Agroprom Patrčević was founded in 1996 as a seed drying business, but in 2002 they added producing raw oils and fats to their registered business activities. Their enviable know-how regarding pumpkin farming and producing superb pumpkin oil is evident to this very day.

They use shell-free seed pumpkin varieties to produce their pumpkin oil. They are most conducive to oil production given that they contain from 48 up to 52 per cent of oil. The oil is both warm and cold pressed. But the cold-pressed one is the best. The oil possesses a green colour, high thickness, and a specific taste. The fresh oil contains more than 60 per cent of unsaturated fatty acids and abounds in vitamins and minerals. Such oil is used to treat lots of diseases.

When pumpkin oil is heated, its valuable nutrients are destroyed so that oil is mostly used as food. Its nutritional and health benefits are the reasons why it’s listed as a delicacy oil.

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Working hours: With prior announcement.

Region Central Croatia

Address Braće Radića 74, Strmec Podravski 42 206 Petrijanec


Agroprom Patrčević was founded in 1996 as a seed drying business, but in 2002 they added producing raw oils and fats, pumpkin seed oil, to be more precise, to their registered business activities. Pumpkin seed processing is performed with state-of-the-art equipment and the latest processing methods that are at the disposal for all interested parties. The quality of Agroprom Patrčević services is guaranteed by their highly trained staff who possess an extensive know-how and experience when it comes to pumpkin farming and making pumpkin seed oil.

• Pumpkin oil (warm and cold-pressed), 0.10 l, 0.25 l, 0.50 l, 0.75 l, 0.1 l
Their products may also be bought in bulk.