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On the fertile Istrian land are the olive groves of Agroprodukt that stretch over an area of 65 hectares over which the dominant Istrian varieties Bjelica, Leccino and Leccione are cultivated.
Besides the most recognised olive varieties, there also grow other indigenous varieties, although in smaller quantities. The divine oil is obtained after hand-picking and is refined by a cold process at a temperature of 24°C.

The Leccino olive variety is resistant to low temperatures and ripens relatively early (September, October). The variety is suitable for intensive plantations, and has good and constant fertility and gives fleshy fruits of an oblong pit. The Leccione variety is an imported variety of olive that originates from Italy and from this olive there comes an excellent oil of harmonious and aromatic aromas, an accentuated fruitiness of olive, radicchio and aromatic herbs. The Istrian Bjelica is a variety that is the most resistant to low temperatures and the harsh Bura wind. It ripens relatively late (November) and has very good fertility. Its fruit, during ripening, changes colour from light yellow-green to red with purple shades. Due to its fullness, it blends with calorific dishes and sweets.

Besides the classic olive oil product, Agroprodukt has presented a new brand of olive oil, Vodnjanski Torčol which has taken its name from the old name of the press that processed olive oil. The oil is available on the market in bottles of 0.25 l, 0.5 l and 0.75 l. With the mixing of varieties, an oil is created that is characterised by the distinct fruitiness of olive, emphasised spiciness and bitterness. This oil suits every dish, especially meat dishes.

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Agroprodukt d.o.o. is a company that deals mainly with agricultural production and the processing of agricultural products. The most common is the production of olives, viticulture, fruit growing, the production of vegetables for industry and vegetable growing.

'Olea 1998' first meeting of olive growers of Istria in Tar – two gold medals
‘International competition COI’ - Cordoba 2000 – 3rd place, harmonious oils category
'Olea 2000' - gold medal
‘Blagodati maslinovih ulja / Blessing of olive oils’ – Punat 2000 – gold medal
‘Exhibition of olive oil Vodnjan 2000’ - gold medal
'Olea 2002' - gold medal
‘Exhibition of olive oil Vodnjan 2003’ - gold medal
'Olea 2004' - gold medal
'Olea 2005' - grand gold medal
'Olea 2007' - gold medal
‘Vinistra 2007’ - gold medal
‘Maslina 2007’ - gold medal
‘Noćnjak 2007’ - gold medal
'Olea 2008' - gold medal
‘Vinistra 2008’ - gold medal
‘Maslina 2008’ - gold medal
‘Exhibition of olive oil Vodnjan 2008’ - gold medal
‘Maslina 2009’ - gold medal
‘Noćnjak 2009’ - gold medal
‘Exhibition of olive oil Vodnjan 2009’ - gold medal
‘Maslina 2010’ - gold medal