Agris Winery


When it comes to the winemaking process, Agris winery decided to make a significant step forward on the market. After a number of years spent going through reference work, attending sommelier courses and touring the best wineries, attending expert conferences and fairs both in Croatia and abroad, husband and wife Jadranka and Boris Lešić dreamed of the day when they would make their first bottle...

The knowledge they gained was combined with a great passion for wine and the desire to make their dream come true, so they decided to make wines from Malvasia and Welschriesling grape varieties. For a second year in a row they’ve been obtaining their varieties of choice from grape producers from the best areas across Croatia. Santa Lucia is where they get Istrian Malvasia from, whereas Welschriesling is supplied by the famous Venje vineyard near Kutjevo. The fact that Agris has taken the right path is corroborated by last year’s 8th Vinistra Intenational Competition The World of Malvasia. Notwithstanding the fact that Agris was the youngest participant, their Malvasia was awarded a high 83 points, which was enough to win the Silver Diploma. The wines were rated by internationally qualified judges and the competition was fierce with over two hundred Malvasia samples from Croatia, Slovenia and Italy.

Attention was paid to every single detail to make the dream complete. Bottle labels of Croatia’s youngest winery were meticulously crafted by Leon Zakrajšek, an academy-trained graphic designer, who gave Agris wines a finishing touch. While taking into account all the winemaking and artistic principles, this resulted in Agris wines having clearly recognisable label. The wines rank highly in lists of most sought after wines.

A fantastic production team and professor Leo Gracin, an experienced oenologist from the company Vinolab, are in charge of further production and development.

Agris wines have a nice, mineral and fresh aroma. This is a winery which employs state-of-the-art technology and extensive expertise with the aim of taking up a good market position. Their desire is to establish a wine boutique. A wine boutique will provide wine lovers with a single place where they’ll be able to purchase and taste a large number of autochthonous varieties obtained from the Croatia’s best winegrowing areas. Agris winery’s mission is to give every grape variety the attention it deserves and that wine connoisseurs and lovers relish every single bottle.

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Contact number 01/6187-204



Working hours: Monday - Friday: 09.00-17.00h

Region Istria

Address Frana Folnegovića 1b; 10 000 Zagreb


Diverse winegrowing regions, numerous autochthonous varieties and a millennium-old winemaking tradition make Croatia one of the richest and most interesting areas in the world from an oenological point of view. Agris has a straightforward business philosophy – making as many different autochthonous wines possible stemming from the best winegrowing areas in one place.

Silver diploma for Malvasia 2015 - World of Malvasia - VINISTRA 2016